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Hi my name is Amira Ashley, but most people know me as THE BOSS WITH THE GLOSS. I'm 10yrs old and the owner/CEO of my own beauty brand called Boujee Vegan Girl. I started preparing for my company years ago, but officially launched when I was 9yrs old in the midst of the pandemic. With every gloss I launch I see a little more of my dreams come alive. My goal was to have lipglosses that taste and smell AMAZING, and I did just that with my 7 signature colors. Since then, I've branched out with new and exciting lip colors that everyone can love. I hope one day when your digging through your purse looking for that perfect lipgloss that it's mine you pull out.

I would like to say thank you in advance for supporting my dreams. I will continue to add more to my collection, but it's truly because of people like you that I can live my dreams out loud. I love you all so much.

❤️ Amira Ashley